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Abgott - Fizala CD
Label: Conquer Records - CR015 Released: 2005 Regular jewel case edition. NEW & UNPLAYED!..
369 грн.
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All had begun November 97 when Agamoth spawned the uncompromised demo tape Celtic Metal Battle. The project Abgott had begun, starting to hit the road for almost a year around their native land.
At the Dawn of a new Millennium the legendary, debut album is recorded at Ressole Studios, producing a hybrid and unconventional Black Metal with the intention to take distances from the institutionalized Scandinavian Black Metal. With a good response from the press and media the band reach well founds to get back on the road.
Abgott promoted their album with the War Shall Be 2000/01 Tour. The main Italian magazines will support the band for their live performances with extraordinary reviews (Grind Zone, Metal Shock, Metal Hammer, Psycho and far more underground magazine).
Agamoth will record the next chapter Fizala, even more unconventional and experimental concept Black Metal album lyrically based on the myth of Ancient Divinities and musically direct toward new boundaries into extreme metal.
In to UK Agamoth find a deal with Helvete and Hate Record for a limited production and distribution of this new milestone into the extreme metal dimension. More good responses from the European specialized media and press will bring the band back alive this time around Europe supporting: Napalm Death, Destruction among the biggest.
Fizala finally breaks through USA with Juan Garcia (Agent Steel) and his own label Oracle. Abgott is back on the road in UK, in Italy and in Poland. Abgott will support Dark Funeral. Showing so much good willing to succeed, the band started to collaborate with Conquer Record, taking part to compilations with Acheron, Incantation. Agamoth and his crazy crew started to obtain more and more attention from the British magazines with unexpected result.
With an exponential increase of their live activities, an excellent series of shows as support act for Behemoth Demigod Tour 2005 in UK, then as support around Europe for Enslaved, Napalm Death, Marduk and Destruction (again) in UK , France, Italy, Poland got organized.
Agamoth is back in the studios to record a new strong and powerful chapter Artefact Of Madness, once more twisting and bending the extreme metal rules, adding a strong jazz influence in his composition. The controversial band starts the New Year live shows as support band for Hypocrisy. Abgott re-sign a deal with Helvete and Hate Record and Management. In October 2006 the album will see the shelves of major stores like HMV and distributed Code7 via Plastic Head.
New Live Activities for Abgott headlining shows in UK; first ever show to be headlined @ the Underworld in Camden Town – London and headline tour 2007 in Italy. Production of a new video with the direction of Nathan T-Heys produced by Kayak Productions, shot at the 3 Mills Studios London; sees the collaboration of Swedish Model Gothness (www.gothness.net).On a sold out tour with Turisas in September 2007.
The Band is back on the road, under the protective wing of Factory Music Agency and Ian Shaw as Booking Agent, so, this time they will share tour bus with Norwegian Keep Of Kalessin.
In the dawn of the new year Abgott stops all the live activities to enter in studio and release the 4th chapter of unconventional extreme and obscure metal. Agamoth chooses FX Studios in London for the recording, mix and Master of “Godfather In Black”. Agamoth licenses the album for Japan. For the first time they will perform @ Bloodstock Open Air festival and Hellfire II.
The Festival Tour started in 2009 continues seeing Abgott playing live at Hammerfest II, Deathfest II, Enblackened Fest, Grindhouse / Terrorizer, Mammoth Fest. Performing along side great names of the world metal scene: Iced Earth, Brujeria, Immolation, Kreator and so forth. Agamoth madness reaches the States again and signs a license deal with Blood Eagle Records (Chicago) for the release of GFIB on USA territory and the madness lives on.
Abgott goes back on the road for several single dates around Europe and UK five dates tour, while writing new material for the following up new record, due in Spring 2013.

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