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Vermis Mysteriis ‎- Пламя Ярости / The Flame Of Hate CD
Country: Ukraine Genre: Black Metal 1000 copies ..
150 грн.
Отзывов: 0
Vermis Mysteriis - Ceremoniya Vremen / Rex Noctis CD
Country: Ukraine Genre: Black Metal Tracks 1-6 taken from album ,,Церемония Времён,, (,,Ceremony of Times,,) Tracks 7-10 taken from EP ,,Rex Noctis,, ..
150 грн.
Отзывов: 0

The band began to work on new stuff "Церемония Времен" (“Ceremony Of Ages”). From March 2003 till April 2004 recording has been proceeding with a support of Irod (one of Crolemn Grot ex-members) and Alex.exe (Abysma/Witenagemot). After 4-year existence the band has recorded a good material consisting of 6 tracks of cold atmospheric Black Metal like Darkthrone, Burzum and early Satyricon.

A bit later, 4-track EP “Rex Noctis” was also recorded in 2004. Xesth Merzobolot (member of Death/black band Mortuary) also participated in this work, where he played guitars for 2 songs “Rex Noctis…Ego Sum Tenebris” and “God is Dethroned!”. The result of negotiations with Ukrainian label BLOODHEAD PRODUCTIONS was releasing the debut CD, including “Ceremony of Ages” and “Rex Noctis”. These 1000 copies were released in cooperation with Russian label MOREHATE PRODUCTIONS.

In the End of 2005 - beginning of 2006 the band recorded it’s second full-length “Flame of Fury”: 8 tracks of aggressive Black Metal for EMPIRE RECORDS. This CD was also supported by russian labels OTHAL and MoreHate.

In 2009 Maskim XUL invites session-musicians and band plays a bunch of gigs throughout Ukraine, attacking crowd with "Flame of Fury" and "Rex noctis" songs.But Yrt can't play with VM because he's busy with his main band EBANATH.

In the beginning of 2012 Yrt started new record session for third full-lenght album "Путь Одиноких Волков" ("The Lonely Wolve's Way") and takes guitarist's place in VM at live shows.

Session-musicians:Lord Sinned - bass (2009-2011) (Ungoliantha member)Astaroth - guitar (2009-2010) (PUS LACTATION member)Hate Jotunhammer - drums (2009-2011) (Kroda/БУРЕВІЙ member)North - guitar (2010-2011) (ex-Khors/Nagual member)

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