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Весь мерч Thokkian Vortex

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Thokkian Vortex - Into The Nagual CD
Label: Unexploded Records Released in standart jewel case. Black Metal feat Lord Kaiaphas (ANCIENT), Lord Ahriman (DARK FUNERAL), Scorpios (MELECHESH, ZEMIAL, CRIMSON MOON) and Mantus (MYSTERIIS, PATRIA)! Highly recommended for fans of DARK FUNERAL, MARDUK, GORGOROTH, MAYHEM, MELECHESH, WATAIN ..
369 грн.
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Thokkian Vortex is the current Black Metal project from the Lord Kaiaphas, the former singer for the Norwegian Black Metal band, Ancient (95-98). The music is influenced by the bands from the first wave of Nordic Black Metal (1990-1996), such as Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, Immortal, Limbonic Art, Dark Funeral, etc. There are also elements of symphonic classical and dark ambient music.
The definition of Thokkian Vortex is a crack or wormhole through which one's Astral body is sucked into a parallel dimension of unknown Darkness.
Line up:
Lord Kaiaphas
Zed Destructive

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