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Profezia - The Truth Of Ages Tape
Label: Sabbath's Fire Records - FIRE TAPE N° 23 Released: 2012 Limited edition to 300 copies. Professionally printed, double-sided, foldout J-card. Released on black pro-tapes with stickers. NEW & UNPLAYED! ..
160 грн.
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Country of origin: International Location: Veneto - Italy, Zealand - Denmark, Hedmark - Norway. Status: Active Year of creation: 2000 Genre: Black Metal/Ambient Current label: Ewiges Eis Records

Profezia contributed a cover of "The Crying Orc" to Burzum Tribute ''A Man, A Symbol'' (2003).

2001 - My Glorious Journey Demo 2002 - …and you will burn of a Black Flame Demo 2003 - Excelsior - Promo 2003 Demo 2008 - Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon anthem Full-length 2012 - The Truth of Ages Full-length

Kvasir - All instruments See also: Abhor, Ancient Supremacy Ynleborgaz - Drums See also: Angantyr, Blodarv, Make a Change… Kill Yourself, Tågefolket, Zahrim, Vardlokkur (live), ex-Holmgang, ex-Illuminous

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