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Полный каталог продукции, одежды, музыки и атрибутики группы Hello Kitty, которую Вы можете купить в нашем рок-магазине.
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Сумка горизонтальная Hello Kitty
Материал: искусственная кожа Размер: (ширина/высота/глубина) - 35см х 25см х 10см ..
200 грн.
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Hello Kitty is a twinkling-eyed cartoonish character which is invented and promoted by a Japanese campany called Sanrio in 1974. Sanrio is famous for their adorable and cute cartoon characters, which Hello Kitty is one of them along with others such as Keroppi, Melody…etc. This line of cute little characters soon attracted millions of people around the world, first started in the US then spread very quickly to the Asian countries, then the rest of the world. Hello Kitty is the most successful out of all the Sanrio characters.

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