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Весь мерч Groinchurn

Повний каталог продукції, одягу, музики та атрибутики гурту Groinchurn, яку Ви можете купити у нашому рок-магазині.

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Футболка мужская Groinchurn - Grinding South Africore
Футболка Fruit of the Loom, 100% хлопок, изготавливается с использованием пряжи Belcoro, двухсторонний стойкий принт...
280 грн.
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Groinchurn specialise in their own brand of to-the-point grindcore, bringing to mind greats like Phobia, Agathocles, "From Enslavement to Obliteration"-era Napalm Death and others. No gimmicks, no image bullshit, just fast, straight and simple grind. Any complaints?
The band formed in early 1994 out of the ashes of Sepsis, another legendary grindcore act from the area. Originally intended as a side-project, a defunct Sepsis allowed Mark Chapman (guitars) and Sergio Christina (drums) to concentrate fully on their new band. Christo Bester from fellow Veereniging-based Desecrator joined as bassist/vocalist, and the immediate result was the "Human filth" demo. This was followed quickly by the "Every Dog has its Decay" demo, which to date has moved over 700 copies. Definitely not content with this, the band got themselves a slot on the Four Ways To Misery CD (MMI Records, Germany), which also featured grind acts Nyctophobic, Caesarean Section and Winter of Discontent. But this, as they say, is only the beginning. Groinchurn is set to take South African hypergrind to the timid shores of Europe, where an easy standard of living and higher level of social consciousness leaves the Europeans completely unprepared and anaware of the South African musical dervish that approaches….

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